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March 25, 2007, 2:37 am
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I’d never thought of businesses using blogging during a crisis. Personally, if given the option of waiting and collecting all information before responding, or responding immediately with little information, I would have chosen the first. I would think that the best policy would be to get all of the information and respond according to that information because then you would have less a chance of retracting what you said later. Scoble and Israel, however, proved me wrong. I had never considered that during that time of deliberation and information-gathering, customers were losing faith in the company and being led to believe that the business was simply developing the best response to support profits. They’re right. If businesses use their blogs to be real and honest (I know I keep emphasizing it, but I think it’s the most amazing part about blogs) and respond immediately to crises, letting customers know what’s REALLY going on, customers will know that the business is concerned about them and their needs. It goes back to the simple fact that they have reiterated throughout the book: a business’s blog is about relating to customers, developing their trust, etc. It is NOT simply about marketing your product through advertisement — it’s about marketing it through trust and a relationship. I also had no idea that there were so many advancements with the web. I guess I had always just gone with the flow when it came to new internet browsers. I downloaded Mozilla for the simple fact that everyone told me it was so amazing. I found nothing different except the fact that the page looked different when it was searching and it didn’t go straight to as its home. Apparently, though, there is much more too it. From both a customer and business perspective, I guess the RSS is pretty amazing. I probably don’t understand the extent of how great it is since I don’t often read blogs, but I could see how it could become quite time consuming to have to search through each site you look at every day to see if it has been updated. The technological advancements are unarguably amazing, and also incredibly difficult for me to keep up with. The idea of ongoing blogging conversations, though, I can keep up with, and I think is awesome. Naked conversations, real conversations, ongoing conversations, they can all benefit us in some way or another.


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