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Writing for a Corporation
April 10, 2007, 4:51 pm
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It seemed as though every business leader interviewed had about the same thing to say about writing. I got to the point where I could almost predict what the interviewee was going to say after a few of the interviews. The business leaders had similar ideas as the writers in that they felt that being a good writer meant being able to clearly and simply state what one is trying to express. They did not, however, say as much about the editing, drafting, and reviewing process and the need for stream of conscience writing. The main thing that every leader stated was that having good writing abilities is one of the most important qualities a businessperson can have because it allows one to communicate clearly, quickly, and effectively. If you can’t write well, then you will constantly be questioned about what exactly you meant to get across, which leads to a lack of efficiency. It was also stated almost in every interview, that with the increase in the use of email, effective and concise writing is increasingly important. One interviewee stated that before email was used as a consistent form of communication, it wasn’t as necessary for a business person to know how to write extremely well; they could simply give their letter, report, etc. to a secretary who could do the drafting and editing for them. But now, as companies are constantly communicating via email, a company executive cannot simply forward all of his messages to a secretary and have her reply. It is essential that a businessperson know how to write effectively and clearly so that the recipient can, in turn, respond quickly and thus, keep company productivity high. One last thing that all of the interviewees seemed to agree on was the need for the writer to know how to relate to his/her audience. Almost all made the point that it is not only important to know how to write effectively, but also to know how to write effectively in a way that the reader can relate and understand. All of these huge corporations have to communicate with or express ideas to numbers of different audiences, and each of these audiences requires a different style of writing and a different way of expressing thoughts. As one interviewee said, you can’t write to a computer networker the same way you would communicate with a customer. You must write so that your audience can understand clearly what you are saying. The better the audience can understand, the more efficient the resulting communication will be and the more productive the company will be. When a consumer can buy a product with a user manual that clearly explains how to use the product, the corporation is much more likely to get their business again. Clear, efficient, and audience-directed writing is essential to working in the business world.


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