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Interviews on Writing Styles
April 5, 2007, 7:13 pm
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When given the writing profile assignment, I knew exactly who I wanted to interview from the beginning, with no consideration of anyone else.  The person I admire most and feel has the most interesting/exciting job is my uncle.  Most recently he worked for a program called AustraLearn which coordinates study abroad programs in Australia and New Zealand.  He obviously travels a lot for this job, visiting different universities throughout the nation, which makes me curious about how he communicates in such a field.  With frequent traveling, I’m sure he emails a lot, though I’m not sure if this is the primary sort of writing that he engages in.  I would like to learn if his job requires a lot of writing and whether this writing is typically in email form.  As a director of such a program, he probably also communicates with a lot of people in administrative academic positions, and I would like to learn how he communicates with them.  Is he professional, or more informal?  I also have a feeling that he probably has to communicate with a number of people from New Zealand and Australia, and I wonder if the writing etiquette is different there.  Is how he writes to communicate with people in America different from writing to people in foreign countries?  Not only has he been a director for this program, but he is also a PhD. student at NYU.  It would be interesting to learn if he goes about writing for a profession differently than he does writing for a doctorate degree.  Is he informal in writing for jobs, but formal for school writing, or vice versa?  Or, possibly, does he go about them the same?  I feel as though he is very well-accomplished, and is continuing to aspire to new goals, and doing this interview could tell me how writing, and his writing style(s), have played into his accomplishments.  I think that the only challenge I’m fairly concerned about is that I may have too much information for the assignment.  There are a lot of different aspects of writing that I can ask him about, and it will be difficult to decide which ones to focus on.


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