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March 25, 2007, 12:37 am
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Scoble and Israel make some excellent points about what’s right and wrong in blogging. I think the fact that Hugh MacLeod gives out Lame Awards is fabulous. I don’t really read blogs very much, but I’m glad there’s someone credible and, most importantly, real out there who is willing to tell corporations that their blogs are lame and they need to step it up and simply be honest. I like the fact that there are do’s and dont’s of blogging, and they pretty much revolve around being honest and real about your story, and not using your blog for marketing schemes. For once, I feel like corporations have been given a reason not to lie. The fact that corporations can benefit from letting their employees criticize them in their blogs is encouraging. Does this possibly mean that those stubborn corporations that ban their employees from speaking to the public world will slowly lose credibility and customer base to the point where they will have the choice of going under or finally allowing criticism? Of course, this would take a long time, but who says it couldn’t happen. Are we on the brink of a real division between the worthwhile businesses and the one’s that are just trying to fool us? The possibilities and opportunities that arise from these “naked conversations” are interesting and exciting to think about. Out of complete self-interest will companies be forced to change their ways and be interested in others if they want to keep afloat? It seems completely contradictory, but blogs seem to make it possible. Scoble and Israel make it pretty clear: if you want your blog to succeed, you have to be real and honest. You have to tell stories, but not ones that are simply made up, characterized marketing campaigns. And, if you want to develop a relationship of trust with your customers, you’ve got to allow some criticism. Who knew there would come a time when it would be a business stand to allow dissent rather than support?


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