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March 13, 2007, 5:43 pm
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As a one semester, freshman year journalism major, I really enjoyed the fact that companies are using blogging as a a response to bad journalism.  Usually, the only “check  and balance” system that journalists have, are other trustworthy journalists.  As a journalism major, I learned that the journalist’s primary responsibility is telling the truth to the reader, but I also learned that it is very tempting to skew information or only use that which is actually interesting.  Indeed, there are great journalists that do their best to be objective and truthful in their articles, but more often than not, there are often a good number of journalists who aren’t.  I think blogging is a great tactic for trying to create a “check” system, making it harder for journalists to get away with bad reporting.  Personally, I would much rather read a blog written by a company executive, that tells what’s being done and why it’s being done from the true source, than what a journalist says is being done in the company.  I would much rather hold the company accountable for what they say, and base my opinion on whether they follow what they say, than base my opinion on what a journalists says a company says.
I also think the fact that small companies with little publicity can use blogs as easy and accurate PR is great. Like the authors said, there are a lot of great companies and people out there who just can’t get in and create a buzz about themselves. By using a blog, a customer or investor doesn’t have to read your business plan to learn what your business is about. Instead (and I find this even more appealing), they can find out what your about, and decide whether they want to do business with you based on who you are and what you say about yourself and your business. I believe if I were to create a business I would have a much easier time developing a client-base by creating a blog rather than creating lame ads or over-done ads. I would have much more respect for a company that has a blog than one that has a lame commercial on tv with a corny jingle.


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