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March 6, 2007, 7:15 pm
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I looked at 3 different blogs. One created by the pastor of a church, one created by someone who works with technology and media, and one called gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards.”  I’ve never been interested in reading blogs. Mainly because I never thought I really cared about what was going on in another person’s life who I don’t even know.  Surprisingly, though, I do.  Gapingvoid was my favorite, but  I also liked leaveitbehind, which was created by the pastor. Every post was different, not necessarily always about his life, but just about random things he was thinking.  In one post he talked about some site he’s with, and in the next he talked about how much he loves when rock stars write songs about their children.  I became interested, and started reading a list he had compiled of his 10 favorite songs, along with lyrics from each.  They ranged from Ben Folds, to Wilco, to the Grateful Dead.  I was mainly intrigued because he had the same music interests as me (Ben Folds and Wilco… not the Grateful Dead).  I also liked the media guy, Josh Bancroft — it was interesting simply because he talked about everything that had been happening, as if he expected me to be interested in the conference he was at; and because of this I was.  He was also in the Wall Street Journal.  Bravo, Josh.  Last, but definitely not least, was gapingvoid, by Hugh.  Definitely my favorite.  I won’t lie.  The pictures drew me in.  At first I just scrolled down the screen and looked at the cartoons, but as I did so the blogs caught my eye too.  I must say, the guy has a wealth of knowledge.  He seems to really know what  he’s talking about… how to be creative and use your blog to market yourself.  Pretty interesting.


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