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Cover Letter Writing
February 13, 2007, 6:36 pm
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To be honest, I thought the first website had some useful tips.  I do believe that when one writes a cover letter it needs to pop out at the reader.  One needs to include skills that an every day worker doesn’t have; and an expression of passion for the job is absolutely a plus.  However, I think the second website is completely full of it.  I wouldn’t advise that a job searcher take a word of what the author said seriously.  True, there may be a small number of firms out there that would find cover letters like the one displayed interesting and give the applicant an immediate call back; but in the real business world, the majority of employers would refuse to take the applicant seriously and throw the cover letter out as soon as they read the first line.  Never start a cover letter with the word OK. Never. It’s simply unprofessional. Whether we’d like to believe it or not, I  know from experience that if you’re going to apply for a government job or a job a large corporation, a cover letter like that will simply get you thrown in the trash.  It’s simply not respectable or professional.  Professionals want to read something interesting; strong action verbs are a must. But formal writing is still absolutely necessary, whether “boring” or not.  I don’t agree with the writer of this article, and I strongly hope no one takes his advice for writing a cover letter.   


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