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Who Manages Your Career
February 8, 2007, 5:35 pm
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In the recording, “Who Manages Your Career,” Marshall Goldsmith (interviewed by John A. Byrne) emphasizes the importance of having a career that one manages as  one’s life would be managed.  The keys which Goldsmith attests to for this are: developing a strategy, creating a brand name, and stating a mission.  By committing to these, one can “market” self, abilities, and desires; and engage in a career that is enjoyable and purposeful.  Goldsmith’s words have the potential to hit hard in the minds of those who drudge through a daily job in which they feel they have no purpose and no passion for what they do.  Though some desire to separate life from work, when a job consumes 40 or more hours of one’s week, it’s difficult to live a life that has meaning and joy when  work seems like a daily chore.  I agree with Goldsmith’s ideas completely; I have seen numerous family members despise their jobs and dread getting up for work every day.  When one has such a passionate dislike for a career, it’s almost impossible to not “bring work home” with you.  Because of this, I have made a personal promise to myself that I won’t let myself get stuck in an eight-to-five job in which I feel I have no purpose.


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